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Friday, November 07, 2014

Vending Machine Mini Green Lantern String Puppet

The DC Comics string puppets, er dolls actually arrived at a local store's vending machine a few weeks ago but I finally had three quarters to try my luck this morning. The insert card showed Superman, Batman, Green Lantern and the Joker plus a chance to get three other mini toys that I had no interest in. I held my breath and was relieved when a mini Green Lantern string puppet, er doll came out in his plastic bubble.
Mini Green Lantern string puppet in vending machine plastic capsule
He is 2 3/4" tall and 1 3/4" wide. The string colors used to make him are white, green and black. His mask, eyes and power ring are made from thin felt. His chest symbol seems to be really thick felt.
Front of vending machine mini Green Lantern string puppet
The mini Green Lantern string puppet, er doll has a black string loop on his head with a label attached. One side has copyright DCE (I presume DC Entertainment), s13, and A&A/China. The other side has the occult number of 153938/153939.
Back of vending machine mini Green Lantern string puppet
According to my research, there are eight mini string puppets, er dolls in the set that includes Superman, Batman, the Joker, Green Lantern, Robin, the Flash, Wonder Woman and Aquaman. I doubt that I will try to get any more of these since I'm once again out of quarters. They seem like they would make perfect cat toys.

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