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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Avengers Assemble Notebook Thor Edition

I had to buy a new watch today so I decided to check the school supply section at the local Walmart's. Good thing I did for I found a Marvel Avengers Assemble spiral notebook with a focus on Thor. Sure, Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk and Hawkeye are featured on the front cover but the God of Thunder appears on the front cover twice:
Front of Avengers Assemble notebook Thor edition
A full figure shot of the Mighty Avenger ready to smash some heads with his hammer is on the back cover:
Back of Avengers Assemble notebook Thor edition
The eighty page wide rule spiral Avengers Assemble notebook Thor edition was put out by Innovative Designs in 2013 and made in Vietnam. I picked mine up for a $1.97. Since this is based on images from the cartoon series, I'm sure that the other superheroes each got their own editions too.

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