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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Countdown to Halloween 2014 Day 25: Count Chocula 2014 Box

Some of the staff members from DC Comics, er DC Entertainment were asked to redesign the monster cereals. Count Chocula was done by Terry and Rachel Dodson. He actually looks pretty cool here and he still has his buck teeth instead of his vampire fangs.

Here is the front of the Count Chocula 2014:
Front of Count Chocula 2014 box
Here is the non-nutrition side of the box:
Side of Count Chocula 2014 box
Here is the back featuring the cereal monsters in a one page comic:
Back of Count Chocula 2014 box
Finally, here is the bottom of the Count Chocula 2014 box:
Bottom of Count Chocula 2014 box
I actually picked up my first box of Count Chocula during the last week of September at the local Walmart store but I immediately started eating it. I picked up a second box last week after getting the other two in the series and already finished it off. I still miss the toy surprise that used to be included in the monster cereals during my youth of the 1970s. I also miss the taste since they were all very weak this year.

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