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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Women Wednesday: Madame .44

Madame .44 returns to the pages of DC Comics as a backup story titled "The Other Side" in Jonah Hex #30 (June 2014):
Madame .44 in Jonah Hex #30
Her white scarf reminds me a little of The Shadow's red scarf. Her costume was originally all white but now it's basic black with white accessories. Anyway, she starts the story facing a gauntlet of supernatural demons as she is trying to get to Kerberos before she flashes back to where the nightmare started. I won't go into detail for you really need to find a copy of the comic and read it for yourself.
Jeanne Walker before becoming Madame .44
The original origin had a group of thieves cheating Jeanne Walker's father out of the gold mine. In the New DC 52 version, Henry is pushed by a saloon gal to get them out of the way before they do him in. She was originally a blonde that dyed her hair red but she is a redhead right from the start in this version.

I can't wait to read how the origin of Madame .44 plays out and for her to fight the devils and Kerberos. This looks like one horror western series that I don't want to miss.

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