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Friday, April 11, 2014

Thrift Store Find: Lego Movie Happy Meal Cup #3 With Batman

I knew that I would eventually find a Lego Movie Happy Meal cup #3 with Batman in a thrift store someday but I never thought it would be so soon after they were first released. I found one yesterday for a whopping fifty cents. The only one I got with a Happy Meal was #5 featuring Good Cop/Bad Cop. They feature a 3D flicker effect so you get different images at different angles.

The first image features a back/side view of Wyldstyle (I couldn't capture the front view of her):
Lego Movie Happy Meal cup #3 featuring Wyldstyle
The second picture features Lego Batman on the batmobile with the batsignal in the sky (not captured was the batmobile with the headlights on):
Lego Movie Happy Meal cup #3 featuring Batman on Batmobile
The final picture features Batman holding a batarang (he held it higher in the flicker image):
Lego Movie Happy Meal cup #3 with Batman holding batarang
Sorry about the less that great pictures for it was rather hard to snap pictures using a flash and my room lighting is not up to par to use my cheap digital camera without it.

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