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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sad News For Superhero City Fans

I went to play Superhero City earlier and found this:
Superhero City closing
The second thing I noticed was that the name of the game had officially changed from Superhero City to Supreme Hero City (the game was rebranded last summer when Capital Games took it over). I did some digging on the forum and found Final Days of Supreme Hero City with the following announcement:


Beginning Thursday January 23, 2014 Supreme Hero City will begin the process of sunsetting. This will culminate in a total game / server shutdown sometime after Thursday March 27, 2014.

PvP events will continue to run thru February 13, 2014, after which the game will remain live for at least another 6 weeks.

If you have any questions regarding what this means to your account you may send in a support ticket and we will work to get you the answers you need. You can also check our Terms of Service and Digital Serve agreements for quicker answers.

That was the business end of the message, now onto what we mean…

For almost 5 long years this "City" has been alive, thriving in a way that has made other gaming companies envious. We are simply overwhelmed by the connections we have with you, we are often left speechless by your passion and dedication to this little project that was started so many years ago, with such a simple and modest goal. Never intending to redefine the facebook gaming space, we did. Never seeking to change the rules by which success would be measured for core games in the social space, we did.

The good, the bad, the mediocre… it all had a profound impact on us, our game and our relationships with you, the player.


Raids, animated boss fights, Mascots, the old UI, Diffuser cubes, attack orbs, Zigonian Invasion, the catastrophic total game shutdown of 2010 (we mean ninjas, yeah ninja attack!,) SHC Labs, foil animated cards, holiday events…. SO MANY HOLIDAY EVENTS!!!! League wars, Brawls, Duels, Shadow Knight shuffle introduction, the "winning" defense card, "off-facebook" site, IGC scandal, load outs, City Mastery, Donut Challenge, avatar make-over, stat-challenges, LW Rings, Final Judgement's Snack Bar, Astronicus, Angela vs. Angela, Direct SKS purchases, Sin City, The Foundry, Achievement introduction (took down the game with that one,) gifting limits, weapons, equipment, costume contests, masquerade balls, Haxxor's antics, sexy Haxxor antics, old support ticket email address (ugh), MP Lottery (Shadow slots,)

The entire team at Klicknation / Bioware / Capital Games had a vested interest Superhero City. We lived and died by this game. It would be difficult to overstate the importance Superhero City has in our company's lore and learnings. It is you, the players, that brought so many of those lessons to light, that brought so much complexity and thoughtfulness to the game that we had to step-up our commitment. Lost weekends, holidays, consistent 12, 14, 16 hour days… all because we, like you, were passionate about this City and never wanted to see it decline.

With the landscape of Facebook gaming in an ever-constant state of flux and the state of online gaming growing at a blinding pace we regretfully have to call this chapter just about closed (we're giving you about 9 more weeks to play with your accounts.) We are taking all of the lessons learned, the experiences had, and moving them into our next project. We will build a better, more engaging product the likes of which the world has never seen. And we have you to thank for that.

Enjoy the final weeks, we've put just about everything on sale and hope that you all get a chance to purchase that card you've always wanted and battle your friends (and foes) one last time.

That about does it for the "official" post. Look for some of our team members to make personal posts in the coming days / weeks. We are fraught with emotions, and as they cool down we certainly will want to share some more of our experiences and memories with all of you.

Thank you all,


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