Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Countdown To Halloween 2011 Day 26: Evila In Monster Land #15

Surprise! This week's Women Wednesday is not dedicated to Elvira but Evila. She became the "host" of Monster Land starting with #15 (December 1986). Scream Queen Brinke Stevens played the wicked beauty. Not only did she grace the cover but she was also featured in a two-page centerfold. Pictures of her appeared scattered through the horror magazine in black and white while cut outs of her also appeared usually near the headlines of the articles.

The cover of Monster Land #15 (December 1986) featured Evila:
Monster Land #15 Cover

Here is the editorial page:
Monster Land #15 Editorial

The two-page centerfold featured Evila:
Monster Land #15 Centerfold

Finally, here is Evila with the contest winner:
Monster Land #15 Contest Winner

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