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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Thrift Store Finds: Hulk Smash Batmobile

I was really surprised to find a McDonald's Marvel Heroes #2 Hulk from 2010 at a local thrift store still in the bag for fifty cents. He has a lever in his back that can be pressed down to make his fists smash togehter. I also found a loose Batmobile produced by Ertl in 1989 at the same thrift store also for fifty cents.
Hulk smash Batmobile
Here is the Hulk still in the bag:
McDonald's Marvel Heroes #2 Hulk in bag
Not shown is the unused yellow wooden pencil that I found near the curb in front of the same thrift store where I found the action figure and die-cast car. Not a bad haul for one day.

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