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Monday, June 20, 2011

Comic Review: The Order of Dragonet #5

Cover of The Order of Dragonet #5 from Firetower Studios

The Order of Dragonet #5 is written by Jeremy Whitley while Jason Strutz provided the artwork. The issue is published by Firetower Studios and you can order a print or digital copy from their website. The first four issues are also available and they will be collected in a trade later this year.

The issue starts with Merlin talking to a oddball band consisting of what he calls “two knights, a Jew and a Moor who consorts with faeries.” The only one called by name is the black woman named Laverne, who does not like the way that the old mage talks. He considers them the knights of the realm as he tries finds the entrance to the crystal cavern. Once open and inside the cave, they find a large round table with chairs. Merlin admits that Camelot used to stand between Cornwall and Wales.

The Order of Dragonet #5 switches to a group of centaurs enjoying a man that looks like Elton John playing the piano in the woods. An older centaur tells a white-haired man that they have been trapped for centuries. He gets snatched by a mysterious person that says that he is in danger and is going to get him out. The issue shifts scenes again to a blonde fairy looking for the queen. Her sister fairy is watching Shark Week on the tv and seems to enjoy watching the humans getting attacked. There is a little man sitting next to her on a sofa but I cannot what he is. The blonde fairy tells her sister about throwing up on Merlin after drinking some beer.

The issue shifts back to the old mage and the so-called knights. He opens a magical bag but no one is impressed and in fact one of the guys says that it is just special effects. Merlin stuffs his staff in the bag so it appears that it may be a bag of holding. The scene shifts to the old man who bites the mysterious person’s fingers in the woods. He yells for Angus, the centaur that he was talking to earlier, who arrives with his bow at the ready. The mysterious person turns out to be a redheaded woman and we learn that the old man’s name is Patrick. Angus admits that he should go with her because the centaurs practice human sacrifice. She introduces herself as Jenny and he tells her that he is Patrick Tottington, a knight.

Back at the crystal cave, the guy with the thick accent pulls out a magical lute. Merlin tells them that the musical instrument is the weapon that will set England free. The one wearing glasses argues with the old mage that the weapons should be at the lake. Merlin gets very angry and tells him to withdraw his weapon from the magic bag. He is very surprised when the man wearing glasses pulls out a huge sword. The old mage claims that Arthur should have shown up by now and tells the group that their queen is held in a place called the Globe. The knights are about to leave when they find out that it is dawn. They decide to rest and go after the queen that night. Merlin gets a headache and wishes that Arthur would hurry up and arrive. Speaking of the king, the issue ends with him waking up on a boat

I enjoyed The Order of Dragonet #5 even though this was not a good jumping on issue. I have yet to read the first four issues but this issue does make me want to read them. Merlin and Arthur was easily identified but some of the characters are never named. I did like the dialogue especially when Merlin and Patrick were talking. The artwork does take some time getting used to. If you enjoy reading about Merlin in the modern day with some humor thrown in, then you will enjoy this issue. Overall, I give The Order of Dragonet #5 a solid B.

You can view more art by Jason Strutz at Strutz Illustration.

Page 4 of The Order of Dragonet #5

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