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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Thrift Store Find: Two Batman Comics And One Dragon Magazine

Only two of the usual three thrift stores were open this morning. I found three items at the first place and I almost picked up something from the second place but decided against it. I found Batman #442 (December 1989) and Detective Comics #610 (January 1990) for fifty cents each. I have the first issue but not the second. In addition, I also found Best of Dragon vol. III (July 1983) for two dollars in case I ever play Dungeons & Dragons again.
Batman #442 and Detective Comics #610 from DC ComicsBest of Dragon vol III
The item that I passed up on was a tattered copy of Gold Key's Adam-12 since they wanted $1.50 for it. I might pick it up next week if it is still there.

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