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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Thrift Store Finds: Star Wars Bobble Heads

I had to work today so I did not get to the thrift stores. However, my sister found for me a bag of action figures for fifty cents. The following two Star Wars bobble heads were found in McDonald's Happy Meals in 2008:

Chewbacca bobble head on AT-ST:
Chewbacca bobble head on AT-ST
General Grievous bobble head on starfighter:
General Grievous bobble head on starfighter
The other action figures in the bag included two from Kung Fu Panda: Monkey with spinning bamboo staff and Tai Lung with kicking action. An unknown action figure was also in the bag and looks like he is from Mucha Lucha (a show that I only watched once). I have been doing a search for his identity but I am having no luck. He is wearing a red with yellow trim mask, red tie, white suit jacket, white shirt, black gloves, black pants and yellow boots that appears to have spikes or spurs attached to them. The copyright has McD's 2008 and 2007 Viacom.

1 comment:

Marvin said...

Not sure if you ever found it, but that toy is from the Nickelodeon game "El Tigre" and is called White Pantera