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Friday, February 06, 2015

Big Changes At DC Comics This June Includes New Look and Series For Starfire

Very interesting news at DC Reveals Major Changes, New Direction For Comic Book Line for the new 52 brand will no longer be used starting in June. Sure, the rebooted DC Universe will stay but stories will play a bigger part. There will be twenty-four new first issues joining twenty-five existing titles. Included in the new titles will be Black Canary, Harley Quinn/Power Girl and Starfire, who gets a new look:
New look and series for Starfire coming this June from DC Comics
There will be more humor titles including Bizarro, Bat-Mite and Prez. Fans of grittier comics will still find plenty to read including a revamped John Constantine series titled Constantine: The Hellblazer (in related news his tv series has yet to be renewed) plus Section Eight, which will have characters from the Hitman series. Naturally, a new Justice League of America series will be launched. Earth 2 is one of several titles getting revamped and the new series will be Earth 2: Society (I hope this means that the Justice Society is returning in one form or another).

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