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Friday, November 01, 2013

Halloween Results

We only had ten little, kids come knocking on our door in a two hour span this Halloween. I gave them each two pieces of treats since I was expecting more tricksters. None showed up after an hour of waiting so I turned off the lights, let the dog out and put the treats in the refrigerator (Kit Kats were already melting). To be fair, a high school ballgame was going on last night which prevented many parents going out with their youngsters. I also learned this morning that the businesses on Main Street were giving out candy from three to five on Halloween. The local Fish and Games was doing the same. A co-worker that lives about two blocks away only had two little, kids. Last year we had twenty-five and the year before that was thirty or so. This was the worst year for tricksters asking for treats that I can remember.

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