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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Women Wednesday: Betty & Veronica #269 Covers

From Archie Comics For December:

Betty & Veronica #269

Written by Dan Parent, art by Jeff Shultz, cover by Dan Parent, Bob Smith, variant cover by Jeff Shultz. "Just Another Day." This issue presents a first for an Archie Comic: An entire story happening in real time (well, comic book real time that is)! Find out what a typical day is like for Betty, Veronica and Archie! Do they go about their day like every other teenager? Of course not! Follow along with the infamous love triangle as we get a peek into the typical day of a Riverdale teen-with not so typical outcomes!

32 pages, $2.99.
Betty & Veronica #269a cover by Dan Parent and Bob Smith for Archie Comics
Betty & Veronica #269b cover by Jeff Shultz
This is one issue that I want both covers for the artwork on both are great.

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