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Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Batcopters

Sorry about the lack of posts but I have not been getting much in the way of comics, action figures, toys or other related items lately. However, I did find an unexpected item that I just had to have since the price was right. I found a Hot Wheels HW Imagination #64 Batcopter for ninety-seven cents at the local Walmart's this morning.

Here is a picture of what it looks like when someone has a decent camera:
Hot Wheels HW Imagination #64 Batcopter
Here is a picture that I took with my inferior camera:
My Hot Wheels Batcopter 2013
Yeah, big difference in quality. Anyway, I notice something odd about the Batcopter artwork and the actual toy: the canopy and wings are different colors. The artwork shows them as purple while the toy has them blue.

I dragged my only other Batcopter out of storage. I actually had a Corgi Junior 1978 Batcopter like the one below when I was a kid of thirteen.

Here is what it looked like when it was new and still in the package:
Corgi Junior 1978 Batcopter
Unfortunately, I broke my Corgi Junior 1978 Batcopter out of the package and actually played with it so the half of the back blade is missing.

Here are my two Batcopters together:
Corgi Junior 1978 Batcopter meets Hot Wheels 2013 Batcopter
I will have to say that the Corgi Junior 1978 Batcopter is still my favorite because of the Batman logo on it plus the black and red coloring.

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