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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Collection 2013 At Superhero City

I have cut back on playing a lot of online games at Facebook but I still play Superhero City on a regular basis. The online game is celebrating Zombie Jesus Day this year by offering three trading cards as part of their Easter Collection. They are also offering an egg but you need all three of the cards to play the missions, which I have not done yet.
Banner for Easter Collection at Superhero City
The first card in the set is Parade of Sweets '13, which looks like crazy Peeps seeking revenge for those that have been eaten during the Easter celebration:
Parade of Sweets '13 from Superhero City
Next up is the Choco Decoy '13, which makes me wonder if it is solid or hollow chocolate and if it can be animated like a golem:
Choco Decoy '13 from Superhero City
Finally, Cottontail Hop '13 features a well rounded superheroine that is just too wild for words:
Cottontail Hop '13 from Superhero City

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