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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Thrift Store Find: Fiction Illustrated Volume Two

I found a copy of Fiction Illustrated Volume Two (Pyramid Publications, April 1976) this morning at a local thrift store for only fifty cents. The book is only 6 3/4" tall and most of the pages are one page panels. The front cover proclaims that Starfawn by Byron Preiss (writer) and Stephen Fabian (artist) is a "full color adventure in the Star Trek tradition!" The back cover text states "A full-color odyssey into time and space with the crew of the starship Destiny and the fantastic woman known as Starfawn. Volume Two of America's first adult graphic novel revue!"

Bryon Preiss, of course, was responsible for the Weird Heroes paperback series. Stephen Fabian is also known for his "artwork for TSR's Dungeons & Dragons game from 1986 to 1995, particularly on the Ravenloft line."

As far as I know, Starfawn as never appeared anywhere else other than this graphic novel.
Front cover of Fiction Illustrated Volume Two
Interior page of Fiction Illustrated Volume Two
Back cover of Fiction Illustrated Volume Two

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