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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Comic Review: Princeless #3

Princeless #3 (December 2011) from Action Lab Entertainment picks up where the previous issue left off with Princess Adrienne being carried upside down with her bloomers showing by her dragon, Sparky. She believes that it is time to find a blacksmith and get some armor that fits her. Instead of finding the smith, she finds his daughter, Bedelia Smith, who shows off her women warrior's collection that includes the sonya, the diana and the warrior princess. The scene and conversation that the two girls have is hilarious. Princess Adrienne convinces her to make something less revealing and more practical for her. After she gets measured, she steps out to get some gold to pay for the armor so she puts on the diana armor that only comes with a rope. Wearing the skimpy armor draws some unwanted attention. Sparky gives her some treasure and on the way back runs into two soldiers that are looking for her. Princess Adrienne manages to defeat the two armed with only a rope before running back into the smith's building, where her new specially made armor is waiting for her. I have to say that the new armor is very cool looking. Princeless #3 gets an A+ just for the introduction of Bedelia Smith and her women warrior's collection of armor.
Cover of Princeless #3 from Action Lab Entertainment

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