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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Five Resons To Try Hero Box From SuperHeroStuff

I received a very cool email from SuperHeroStuff giving me five reasons why I should try their Hero Box. I thought I would share it here since you might want to try it too:

Reason 1: Curated by Geeks
We can guarentee everything going into these boxes is actually awesome. How? Everyone working at SuperHeroStuff is a mega-comic book fan. In fact, our employees are even tested (no, not midichlorians!) before they can interview That's why we're giving you our 100% Nerd-isfaction Guarentee! that our staff wouldn't put anything in this box that they wouldn't want for themselves.
Reason 2: Huge Discount
We cram a lot of value into each of these boxes. Each box has over $70 worth of goodies inside but you only pay $49! That's like 30% Off some of our best merchandise and you don't even have to scower the internet looking for discount codes! It's just discounted. No hassle. No coupons. Just a box of affordably awesome stuff delivered to your front door. Convinced yet? Order yours now!
Reason 3: You Love Surprises
In the immortal words of Brad Pitt: "What's in the box?!?!" Isn't that the question of the day? We're not telling! Why? Because the Hero Box is fun. F-U-N. It's fun to save money on geeky stuff you love and it's even more fun to have package show up on your doorstep. Going through your box is like Christmas morning...but it come anytime of the year!
Reason 4: Cheap Shipping
We know how much is sucks paying for shipping. That's why our head of operations works his butt off negotiating the most AFFORDABLE SHIPPING PRICES with UPS, UPSP, FedEx and a whole gambit of other shipping providers. We want you to get your stuff without paying your left arm for shipping. It should be cheap, it's not like we're teleporting it to you...yet. Order yours now!
Reason 5: Lots of Options
Each month we offer a new exclusive theme that will only be available until the end of the month. PLUS! We have 9 ongoing hero themes that you can buy anytime you like. That mean's you can craft your box to your own interests and not end up with a box of stuff you don't want or need. With 10 OPTIONS to choose from, Hero Box is a surefire way to get a mystery box you're gonna love!

This month's exclusive Hero Box theme is Boy Scouts such as Superman and Captain America. The box ships at the end of February so you still have time to order yours now.

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